October 2018 Newsletter: Book a private charter with us before our season ends! - Diamond Jack River Tours
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2022 Summer/Fall Schedule


Sept 10 - 25 Saturday & Sunday1p | 2:30p | 4p | 5:30p

Ticket Prices



(60 and older)


(6 - 12)


(5 and under)


Length of Tour

1 Hour


First come, First Serve. Pay at dock.

Dock Location

1340 Atwater, Detroit, MI 48207

October 2018 Newsletter: Book a private charter with us before our season ends!


Step into Fall by boarding with us

Summer may be officially over, but our private charter boats are still at full steam. If you are interested in getting a boat to rent for your friends, family or coworkers then get in touch with us. Take in the sights of Detroit (and Windsor) from a new view. Our Charters are available until October 31st in 2018 and will open up again in May of 2019.

Join us on board our Detroit River Private Charter Tours before our tours end on Halloween. Call us to arrange a boat passage and meet us at our Detroit Rivard, Stroh’s River Place, or our Wyandotte Dock locations to begin your excursion. We will also be opening up our Sightseeing tours again on June 6th 2019. Until then enjoy Fall to the fullest by joining us on deck with us before winter finally comes. Remember, all October charters offer “day” rates for “evening” charters.

Charter Questions Answered

If you’re interested in booking a charter with Diamond Jack’s there might be a few questions on your mind before you take the plunge. Make sure to know all the details so you can make the most out of your private excursion on the Detroit river. If there is a question you have here that has not been answered feel free to call (313) 843-9376 or emailQ: Can I bring my own caterers on board?
A: There is an additional fee we charge if you decided to hire outside caterers. Additionally, all caterers that serve on board must be licensed and insured. They are responsible for bringing their own silverware, plates, table clothes etc. and clean up after the event. There is really no need since we have many delicious selection available for you to choose from. See MENU

Q: Can I hire entertainment to be on board? (Band, Magician, etc.)
A: Yes. To make sure that our boat can accommodate the entertainment in question we require approval from one of our offices 7 days prior to the event. We do this to determine if the size of the entertainment and its content is appropriate for the vessel your charter will take place on. If staff or entertainment wish to board early to prepare setup they can board up to an hour before sailing.

Q: I want to rent out a charter and sell the tickets out to people to make a quick profit. Is this possible?

A: Use of the private charters to upsell the tickets and earn a profit is strictly prohibited. In this event, Diamond Jack reserves the right to cancel the charter and retain the deposit. However, we allow non-profits and charity organizations to upsell in this fashion. To get approval you must first authenticate with our staff that you are a federally approved non-profit charitable organization with 501©(3) status.

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol on board for my event?

A: Unfortunately, no. As a fully licensed distributor for alcohol sales in the state of Michigan we are responsible for any alcohol brought on or consumed on board. Therefore, to regulate the distribution of alcohol and to make sure that no one under the age of 21 is served alcohol we sell alcohol on board and check IDs of your guests.

Q: How many people can your boats accommodate?

A: There is a two-fold answer for this. If you are planning on having a dinner buffet then the passengers are limited to: 70 for the Diamond Jack, 95 for the Diamond Queen and 150 for the Diamond Belle. If you are planning on just having guests on board with no food options then the maximum capacity for each ship is: 125 for the Diamond Jack, 175 for the Diamond Queen and 225 for the Diamond Belle.

Off-Season Rates
Cruise any Evening at Daytime Rates with our Private Charters

Although our sightseeing season might be coming to an end, our private charters are still available through October 31st. If you are looking for a venue for a family reunion, corporate getaway or a private party set sail with us! We have hosted many types of events and provide great catering options and are ready to meet your needs. See our Reviews page to read what others have said about their time spent on one of our private charters!
Make your next event a smash with Diamond Jack! Our boats board up to 225 guests and we provide different options for wine and beer. Our catering menus include options including: Pizza, Middle Eastern, BBQ, Chicken, Italian and Mexican. Contact us today at (313) 843-9376 to reserve our remaining spots before October 31st.

• Corporate Parties
• Family Reunions
• Weddings
• Birthday Parties
• Organizational Events
• Fraternity/ Sorority Mixers
• Business Gatherings
• LGBTQ Events
• Promotional Parties
• Churches/Religious Organizations
• Employee/Staff Parties
• Freshman Orientations
• Prom Parties
• Corporate Mixers

Highlights on the Tour

The Detroit Mailboat: The Floating Post Office of the Detroit River

One of the most unique sights you might see on the tour may not even be on land. If you are lucky enough you might get to see one of Detroit’s most famous boats, the “J.W. Westcott II.” Don’t be fooled by the “J.W. Westcott II’s” modest size of 45 feet and a beam height of 13 feet. This boat is the only floating post office in the United States.
The ship’s namesake Captain John Ward Wescott also ferried supplies back when he created the Wescott company in 1874. However, Mr. Wescott didn’t have the luxury of driving an engine boat, but transported supplies and eventually the mail to lake and river freighters The “J.W. Westcott II” ship was commissioned to be built in 1948.

The Detroit Mailboat as its more commonly referred to is a ship that delivers mail and packages to lake freighters and carriers traversing through the Detroit International Riverfront. The boat operates 252 days a year and is 24-hour service mail ship. The most impressive fact of all is that the J.W Wescott Company has had the company pass through 5 generations of the family. Today, owner Jim Hogan and his son, Jimmy manage the business alongside their 20 employees.
As the only floating post office in the country, the Detroit Mailboat is designated with its own unique zip code. If you wish to deliver a parcel, mail, freight delivery, storage, forwarding or messenger and passenger service amongst boats in the port of Detroit use address below:

“Vessel Name”
Marine Post Office
Detroit, MI 48222

But the Detroit Mailboat doesn’t only deliver mail, it also delivers Pizza! In our “Pizza 48222” catering package we include a pizza meal delivery from this famous boat to ours. Whet your appetite as you watch the system of ropes and buckets deliver your pizza meal directly onto the boat. The Detroit Mailboat will make sure the pizza doesn’t get wet before you sink your teeth into it. Now that’s a pizza delivery service that everyone can be on board for!

Ask The Captain a Question!

Is this the first time that you have been a captain since you started operating the Diamond Jack?
1. I can answer for all of the captains in Diamond Jack’s fleet… Captain Paul Lamarre, Worked for both Gaelic Tugboat and Diamond Jacks for almost 40 years. Captain Jack Frost worked for the Army Corp of Engineers prior to Diamond Jacks. Captain Brian Williams owned and operated TwoBoat USA prior to Diamond Jacks. Captain Mike Nicholls was an executive for General Motors prior to Diamond Jacks. Captain Harry Michalik is currently employed with the Army Corp of Engineers and works for Diamond Jacks on weekends. Captain Glenn Hoheb came to us last year after running boats and growing up on boats on St. Thomas. And myself, Captain Steve Carrothers, I have been with Diamond Jack since 1991

What do you enjoy most about your job?
2. The part I enjoy the most about the job is meeting the guests we have onboard, especially the young kids who seem to really get a kick out of being on the boat.

What’s your favorite place on the boat?
3. As far as favorite place on the boat, I think I can speak for all of the Captains and that would be in the pilot house running the boat.

How far have you sailed on the Great Lakes?
4. How far have I sailed on the Great Lakes…I have been all over Lake Erie from one end to the other and into Lake Huron…Some of are other captains have been on every Great Lakes during the jobs with other companies…

Do you have questions for the Captain? We have answers! Submit your questions to info@diamondjack.com. Whether you’re curious about the inner workings of a boat or have any other sailing-related inquiries, we’ll provide you with answers straight from one of our captains. Each month, we will pick 5 winners and publish those questions (with the answers) on our next newsletter and on our website! The winners will receive two free tickets for a scenic cruise with Diamond Jack’s River Tours!