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January 2 2018

January 2018 Newsletter

90 Days Left To Fit-Out. Here Before You Know It!

Diamond Jack's Detroit riverboat tours offer many breathtaking views of the city's skyline.

Captain’s Corner: Featuring Paul LaMarre

Meet Captain Paul LaMarre, a member of our crew who captains the Diamond Jack from Wyandotte, MI. Paul has been interested in boats since he was a young boy. His dad did work for a local shipyard, Great Lakes Engineering, where ships were worked on and repaired. Two of Paul’s uncles were freighter captains, thus strongly reinforcing the boating family tradition. In time, Paul began doing artwork of popular lake ships. Paul also had friends who worked on tugboats and ships, and eventually met Bill Hoey, who was formerly the owner of Diamond Jack’s River Tours.

“I eventually wound up taking fill-in deckhand jobs aboard Hoey’s tugboats and on freighters,” Paul said. “Captain Hoey eventually offered me a management position in 1978, and I have worked for him and his family full time ever since for 40 years!”

Paul learned the duties of being a professional captain while working aboard tugs and freighters. He has been a captain for 21 years now. Some duties the captain handles include navigation of the boat, making sure the passengers and crew are safe, vessel deck maintenance and cleanliness, otherwise, “seaworthiness,” inventory, coordinating daily activities, supervision of boarding and making customers happy! Plus, Paul said that there’s always more to learn.

“I was very fortunate to have veteran mentors along the way,” Paul said.

Paul explained that there are so many exciting stories about fun times had with Diamond Jack. The crew at Diamond Jack tours with thousands of people with different stories to share. He loves hearing stories about people who have experienced hard times and tragedies but were blessed to make it through. It makes him happy to be able to see these people enjoy a day out on the boat with Diamond Jack.

“Every day is different – Every day brings a new story,” Paul said.

Save 20% on Your 2018 Private Charter

Save 20% on your 2018 Private Charters when paid in full by March 1, 2018. A small deposit is required, and it’s worth it when you have your summer festivity planned in advance. Book your private charter now. The Diamond Jack is still available for the Detroit Fireworks display. The boat sails out of the Wyandotte dock where it will then cruise to an area for viewing the fireworks. Enjoy a five-hour long boat ride with ample time to admire Detroit’s annual fireworks display. $90 per person, 55 people minimum. Book this or any other private charters now while prime weekend dates are still available. Call (313) 843-9376 for details.

Jack’s Happenings

Catch up on what we’re working on at Diamond Jack’s River Tours right now! We’ve been working non-stop on revamping our boats for the coming season. You can look forward to a new feel for our boats with our new equipment. During the 2018 season, you’ll get to experience the power of our new generators and board more effortlessly with our gangways installed. We’re also working on engine overhauls so you can be 100% satisfied with your Detroit River tour experience. During the engine overhaul, we remove the boat engine to examine it and clean it, and then take the necessary steps to repair it if needed. With so much excitement awaiting in 2018, we’re so eager to tour with you guys!

Don’t forget that Wi-Fi is now installed in all our boats! Upload the pictures you take immediately to social media while touring with us. Share group photos and picturesque views of the Detroit River with your friends and family on social media.

Boat Facts

Featuring: The Diamond Queen

One of our boats here at Diamond Jack is the Diamond Queen, formerly known as “Mohawk.” The boat was built in 1956. Like the Diamond Belle, the mini-ship used to operate as a Mackinac Island Ferry for the Arnold Line Ferry Company. Arnold Transit Company has served residents of Mackinaw Island longer than any other boat company. Diamond Jack bought the mini-ship in 1995, and renamed her the Diamond Queen. The boat is used for a variety of activities including group tours, school fieldtrips, special cruises and private charters.

Catering Menu:

Highlighting A “Taste of Italy”

Are you interested in starting off your 2018 summer with a river cruise featuring some delicious food? Reserve a private charter with us so you can cruise along the Detroit River while enjoying a mouthwatering meal. We offer gourmet catering with your private charter so you can have an exquisite meal all while admiring picturesque views from the Detroit River.

You won’t have to travel far to sample some of Italy’s finest cuisines. Get a taste of Italy from right here in Detroit! One of the specials on our catering menu is a “Taste of Italy.” The “Taste of Italy” menu offers tasty delicacies such as baked chicken parmesan, vegetable and beef lasagna, penne pasta marinara and rotini pasta alfredo. Add a side of meatballs or grilled sliced chicken, some delectable vegetables, and your feast is complete! So plan your event now for next year, and savor an Italian meal to remember on the Detroit River.


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