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October 1, 2019

October 2019 Newsletter

Diamond Jack's Detroit riverboat private charters offer many breathtaking views of the city's skyline.

Experience fall like never before with our private charters!

Fall In with Diamond Jack’s CrewSummer has officially come and gone – but that doesn’t mean the chances for outdoor fun have. If you’re looking to entertain your closest colleagues, flabbergast friends or revel with relatives, then our private charters are a perfect solution! You’ll have your choice between the Diamond Jack, the Diamond Queen or the Diamond Belle. No matter the choice, our crew will make it an unforgettable experience for all onboard. A simple check of our reviews page will prove it. We’ve hosted hundreds of private charter events since 1993 including:

  • Corporate Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Organizational Events
  • Fraternity/Sorority Mixers
  • Business Gatherings
  • LGBTQ Events
  • Promotional Parties
  • Churches/Religious Organizations
  • mployee/Staff Parties
  • Freshman Orientations
  • Prom Parties
  • Corporate Mixers

Our private charters are available seven days a week and can accommodate groups with up to 225 persons. Sailing from Rivard (Cullen) Plaza, Bishop Park-Wyandotte or Stroh’s River Place, our exclusive private charters make it feel like you own the river. But, don’t wait too long! Diamond Jack’s private charter season concludes on October 31st and will resume again May 1st, 2020.

Commonly Asked Questions about Private Charters

If you’re sailing with us, or just mulling the idea over, here are some frequently asked questions we’re heard from our patrons:

Q: Can I bring my own caterers on board?
A: You won’t need to! We have 10+ meal options, so why fuss with extra logistics? Sit back and relax on the river while we handle menu options like pizza, Middle Eastern, BBQ, chicken, Italian, Mexican and more. Our delicious catering menu has something for even the most particular pallets, so check it out! Hospitality is our strong suit which is why we’ll make sure your every need is met during your private charter. From preparing and serving to entertaining and cleaning, our catering options will make a great time on the river even better.

Q: Can I hire entertainment to be on board? (Band, Magician, etc.)
A: Yes. To make sure that our boat can accommodate the entertainment in question we require approval from of our office seven days prior to the event. We do this to determine if the size of the entertainment and its content is appropriate for the vessel your charter will take place on. If staff or entertainment wish to board early to prepare setup they can board up to an hour before sailing.

Q: I want to rent out a charter and sell the tickets out to people to make a quick profit. Is this possible?
A: We realize that our private charter options are also popular among non-profit and charity organizations. Our crew has welcomed the Knights of Columbus, Friends of the Rouge, JARC, The Pope Francis Center and many others aboard. We at Diamond Jack respect the positive change these organizations enact within their communities. For this reason, we allow non-profits and charity organizations to upsell tickets in this fashion. If you are interested in selling private charter tickets for a profit, approval from our staff is needed. Once we can authenticate that you are a federally approved non-profit charitable organization with 501©(3) status.

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol on board for my event?
A: Unfortunately, no. As a fully licensed distributor for alcohol sales in the state of Michigan we must be responsible for any alcohol brought on or consumed on board by law. Therefore, to regulate the distribution of alcohol and to make sure that no one under the age of 21 is served alcohol we sell alcohol on board and check IDs of your guests.

Q: How many people can your boats accommodate:
A: There is a two-fold answer for this. If you are planning on having a dinner buffet then the passengers are limited to: 70 for the Diamond Jack, 95 for the Diamond Queen and 150 for the Diamond Belle. If you are planning on just having guests on board with no food options then the maximum capacity for each ship is: 125 for the Diamond Jack, 175 for the Diamond Queen and 225 for the Diamond Belle.

Private Charter Rates and Off-Season Specials

Since we’re entering our last month of private charters, we offering all of our customers special off-season rates. Now, night rates will just cost the same as day rates. Say goodbye to skirting specific times of day for your next event. Check out our rates here and get out on the water without a hassle!

We want you to have an outstanding time, no matter what. If you still have questions about our private charters, please consult our policy page. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, give us a call at Make sure to know all the details so you can make the most out of your private excursion on the Detroit river. If there is a question you have here that has not been answered feel free to call (313) 843-9376 or email us here.

Featured Private Charter Tour Option

One of the most unique sights you might see on the tour may not even be on land. If you are lucky enough you might get to see one of Detroit’s most famous boats, the “J.W. Westcott II.” Don’t be fooled by the “J.W. Westcott II’s” modest size of 45 feet and a beam height of 13 feet. This boat is the only floating post office in the United States!!!

The Detroit Mailboat, as its more commonly referred to, is a ship that delivers mail and packages to lake freighters and carriers traversing through the Detroit International Riverfront while they are underway. The boat operates 252 days a year and is 24-hour service mail ship. The most impressive fact of all is that the J.W. Wescott Company has had the ownership pass through 5 generations of the family.

The ship’s namesake Captain John Ward Wescott ferried supplies back when he created the Wescott company in 1874. However, Mr. Wescott didn’t have the luxury of driving an engine boat, but transported supplies, and eventually the mail, to lake and river freighters. Fast forward 74 years and the “J.W. Westcott II” ship was commissioned to be built in 1948. Today, owner Jim Hogan and his son, Jimmy, manage the business alongside their 20 employees.

As the only floating post office in the country, the Detroit Mailboat is designated with its own unique zip code. If you wish to deliver a parcel, mail, freight delivery, storage, forwarding or messenger and passenger service amongst boats in the port of Detroit use address below:

“Vessel Name”
Marine Post Office
Detroit, MI 48222

But the Detroit Mailboat doesn’t only deliver mail, it also delivers Pizza! In our “Pizza 48222” catering package we include a pizza meal delivery from this famous boat to ours. Whet your appetite as you watch the system of ropes and buckets deliver your pizza meal directly onto the boat. The Detroit Mailboat will make sure the pizza doesn’t get wet before you sink your teeth into it. Now that’s a pizza delivery service that everyone can be on board for!


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